The Breach of The Capital is Worse Than You Realize

What happened on the 6th of January 2021 is serious and has frightening implications.

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This was a threat.

Yesterday fascists proved they are a real threat by breaching Congress with the assistance of police and possibly the military. If you watched the live feeds you saw police making a weak show of pretending to hold the crowds back before opening gates for them and all but welcoming them into the Capital building. The fascists allowed to enter moved swiftly enough that computers were still on in offices of members of Congress. Police were involved and complicit to the point of taking selfies with some of the fascists.

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Despite anticipating riots the military did not deploy beforehand, “…the dramatic events generated questions about why the military remained on the margins of a well-publicized protest whose members made no secret of their desire to use force.” The military response was delayed and obviously far too late to be a protective measure for the Capital building and the Congress persons within. The military knowingly and with intent exposed Congress to violence.

The message is clear: The police and military are on the side of the fascists and are telling Congress that at any time they can be fed to angry mobs. Oh yes Biden will be certified and there will be a new admin, but the threat was made in very real terms: upset the fascists and you will be killed. This was not some mistake or some little scuffle, this was the institutional fascists in the police and military helping the civilian fascists put a gun to the head of the people who make the law in the US. Watch Biden and his admin do as they are told by the fascists knowing that the mobs could be storming their offices while the police and military let it happen. At the very least it is a play at a kind of silent junta as the military communicates that it and not the civilian government is the true source of power in the US and that Congress will either serve it or get murdered.

I know a lot of people think the events of yesterday were a temporary crisis, but it is so much worse than that. It was a message and a threat. The civilian fascists of the US were told that they can just walk right in and loot the highest government offices in the nation. The police and military have so far gotten away with it without consequences, and that will embolden them in their desire to hold their monopoly of violence without oversight.

Yesterday was a victory for fascism in the US and will likely be cited among events that lead to the fascist paroxysm on the horizon. See it for what it is and plan accordingly. Don’t let denial or apathy hide the truth from your awareness. Understand, too, that things can change just that fast, in just a day. Don’t imagine you’ll have a lot of time to made decisions or put together alternative plans. Be ready in mind, body, and soul. Be ready for interesting times.

Essayist, former scientist, trans woman. Striving for actionable methods of peaceful revolution — relationships, community, mutual aid, subsistence, science.

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